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Understanding what drives employee engagement and motivation is crucial. Our research has identified eight drivers for engagement:

Trust – do employees believe that the communication from managers is open and honest?
Nature of the job – how interesting do employees find their work?
Performance appreciation – do employees understand how their work contributes to the organisation’s performance?
Career progression – are there clear opportunities for employees?
Corporate pride – do employees gain a sense of self-esteem from being part of the organisation?
Colleagues – do employees feel part of the team?
Employee development – is the employer adding to employees’ skills?
Employee-manager relationship – do employees value their relationship with their manager?
Our engagement questionnaire is based on these drivers and comprises a set of tried and tested questions. This employee engagement survey can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

The employee engagement survey report provides top-level senior management feedback identifying the organisational drivers. We have fully validated the questions and scales used within this online employee engagement survey. The data it collects will be both topical and relevant, and will help you identify actions to increase employee engagement.

In addition, we conduct local level analysis so that senior managers can take action at all levels to improve employee engagement survey scores.

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