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The Perceptyx Methodology

The Perceptyx technology platform is what makes our methodology possible. No other employee survey platform can claim to deliver such specific and actionable results so quickly… and so easily. Final reports are available on the day of the survey’s completion. Even earlier for your survey administration team.

The Perceptyx Methodology uses the employee survey itself as a vehicle for engaging people. Managers and employees engage in a dialogue around the issues that they think are important to the employee. Instead of collecting information, analyzing data, diagnosing statistics and prescribing solutions, and then generating various static reports, we take a different approach.

By enabling managers to respond immediately to all employees with what they said instead of a message based on “statistics” that communicates: “here’s what an analyst thinks you really said,” we enable the executives and managers to prove to employees that they have listened to them. We still do the in-depth analysis and provide the key metrics and drivers. However, the advanced analysis informs and enables the managers to simply ask, listen, respond, involve, and solve.

Building on a platform of trust and respect made of honest two-way communication, employees are more likely to engage in solving the issues that are on their minds. Once employees start working collaboratively with managers, an immediate increase in engagement is automatic. With even modest engagement increases, performance is improved and your organization will have begun engaging employees instead of just measuring engagement.

And that’s far from being all that Perceptyx can deliver in the way of advantages. The Perceptyx platform also allows for unlimited in-depth analysis of the data received through the survey. Although the list of ways that Perceptyx survey data can be filtered and configured is virtually endless, the online dynamic reports are intuitive and very simple to use.

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