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We’re in the business of smarter Internal Communication.

Melcrum works with leaders and teams around the globe to build skills and know-how in Internal Communication. Our strategic advice, analysis, tools and training help you excel at connecting with your people. When you do this well, you unlock powerful business results that give your company a competitive edge.

What sets us apart – and how we help you

When you unleash the full potential of people, extraordinary things happen.

Your business grows. Your customers thrive. And your people find more meaning and purpose in their work.

For companies that do this well, the results are real and measurable. They create nearly 50 percent more total shareholder returns than their peers1. They reach productivity and profitability rates that are 70 percent higher2. And their employees are 70 percent more likely to understand how to meet customer needs3.

In a global market as competitive as ours, your most valuable asset isn’t products, processes or technology – it is people. Ensuring they feel connected and committed to achieving ground-breaking business results is what creates competitive advantage.

With Melcrum, visionary internal communicators and business leaders can achieve precisely this.

Unlock competitive advantage with smarter communication

Collaborating closely with us gives you access to our deep knowledge of employee communication trends, and the latest thinking, tools and techniques that will help you align your IC strategy with your business needs.

We offer far more than critical insight. We help you take action. Whether it’s a competency model to improve skills, research on the world’s top internal communication practices, or a toolkit to measure impact and influence you need, we can help. Because if there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that we’re facing a new era. With some big issues. Too complex for any one consultancy, company or region to solve.

That’s why at Melcrum, we connect the world’s best practitioners with the most powerful discoveries in Internal Communication today.

No matter where your business is located, or what stage in your career you are, here you will find what it takes to excel at connecting with employees. You’ll create smarter communication that gives your company a competitive edge.

And isn’t that when extraordinary things happen?

Get in touch – and let’s work together.

Victoria Mellor
CEO, Melcrum

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