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Master of Business Leadership Inc.

Global Executives Getting Outcomes They Want | Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

The need for authentic business leadership and organizational development has never been greater. Social media has given the marketplace a credible megaphone. Your organization’s primary assets are its employees, clients, business partners and suppliers. Today each of those groups Tweet and Facebook their feelings about your organization and their experiences to millions with missionary zeal.

Apple, Southwest Airlines, Disney and Whole Foods are examples of companies that are leading the way in a new approach to business leadership and organizational development. Outstanding results are being achieved by developing and attracting employees with high levels of emotional intelligence.

These companies are creating “tribes” by surrounding themselves with employees, clients, business partners and suppliers that have synergistic Visions and beliefs. The MBL presentation you are about to view is an overview of a proven system that is being used around the world to develop 21st Century business leaders and organizations.

This system of applied knowledge provides a ‘root cause’ solution enabling companies to grow revenue and profitability year over year; get existing clients to find new ones; raise employee engagement while reducing organizational chaos and providing better customer service leading to deeper client relationships.

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