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Elizabeth Sears - Workplace Communication

After almost 30 years at General Motors, I understand organizational challenges. Workplace Communication, Inc is a culmination of my time at GM coupled with my 18 years as an adjunct instructor for Cornell ILR. In 2008, I graduated with a PhD in Communication and enjoy integrating my knowledge with what works in the real world. Since 1985, I have been helping individuals and organizations to improve their performance through enhanced communication, understanding and focus.

To enhance my knowledge of the workplace, I began interviewing Executives from around the U.S. whose organizations made it on Fortune’s Great Places to Work list. I wanted to understand how they created a culture where people wanted to be and chose to stay. Their amazingly simple solutions were fascinating and not complicated. I integrate that knowledge into my work to help leaders get the results they desire, so they can hang on to their people and their profits.

The overall goal of Workplace Communication, Inc. is to help organizations to radically improve their ability to excel by improving how they relate internally as well as with their customers. This starts with helping leaders who have a vision enable their people to bring the vision to life through strategic communication while engaging the employees in the process.

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