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EGR International is a nationally recognized performance improvement, meeting management, integrated marketing communications, production services and enterprise engagement agency serving Dow Jones and S&P 500 corporations. We are a company invested heavily in new technology, new media and new thinking, but have a legacy of 40 years of experience and expertise in our core market segments.

Founded in 1970, EGR is recognized as one of the industry’s most innovative and creative companies, pioneering the use of leading-edge technology and in-house agency competencies to provide real-time benefits to both its clientele and program participants. EGR is a New York City–based company that maintains additional offices in Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Tampa.

EGR occupies a leadership position in the industry, and is a powerful contributor to the body of knowledge relative to industry standards and best practices in all four competency areas.

EGR is a founding trustee of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance (EEA), a non-profit think tank that explores the new area of enterprise engagement, which is the study of business strategy that focuses on achieving long-term financial results by strategically aligning the engagement of customers, distribution partners, salespeople, and all human capital outside and inside of an organization. It looks at human capital in an integrated fashion, rather than separating customer and distribution partner engagement from sales or employee engagement. EGR is partnering on the EEA with The Gallup Organization, Peppers & Rogers, 1:1 Magazine, and The Human Capital Institute, among others.

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