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Craig Althof - One Pond, One Pebble

Taking the mystery out of high engagement!

Doing what I can to break through the mystique of high engagement, for the Greater Good. It shouldn’t be as difficult as we’re making it!

I am a facilitator of people and process improvement whose
expertise has been earned through thirty years of broad and
diverse involvement as a practitioner.
Full systemic support capabilities range from front-end
assessment and analysis, strategy development and action
planning, to system design and implementation support,
ensuring sustainability through training and development,
communication, and effective performance management.
Scope of experience ranges from Fortune 300 multiple
business unit to growing start-up; board room to shop floor.

My strength is in breaking concepts, theory, beliefs and values down into relevant elements and
translating them into specific goals, behaviors, action plans and results. My passion for helping
people is balanced by an operations-driven need to deliver real bottom line impacts. I am an
advocate of engagement and values-based leadership which have consistently been proven to
improve safety, profit, productivity, retention.

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