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Bain and Company - NET PROMOTER SYSTEM

The phrase Net Promoter score is well established in today’s business lexicon as the metric of customer loyalty. Thanks to its accessibility and simplicity, the Net Promoter score is a familiar concept even to non-practitioners. Yet by itself the score is just that: a simple metric. It is just the start, the catalyst. Net PromoterSystem builds on that score to help your organization grow.

Net Promoter System℠ rigorously focuses every part of the business on earning deeper customer and employee loyalty. The link between customer loyalty and growth is well established.

But installing Net Promoter System℠ isn’t easy. It requires true commitment by company leadership, because it defines cultural values and core economics that affect every part of the business system and competitive strategy.

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If you’re already familiar with Net Promoter, or have read The Ultimate Question 2.0test your knowledge with our short interactive quiz. Your personalized results page will recommend additional reading based on your answers.

Or explore Net Promoter System℠ on your own in the sections below. We recommend you start with What is Net Promoter System℠?

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