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Appreciation at Work

We are committed to helping individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations apply the concepts of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace in their daily work settings. We firmly believe that “knowledge without application is wasted gray space.” Therefore, we have developed a number of tools to assist supervisors, employees, and volunteers in communicating appreciation effectively in their workplace.

The key to making the appreciation languages in the workplace “work” is implementation. These resources are to be used within an organization to take your teams through a practical, step-by-step process to apply the languages of appreciation within your workplace.

Results obtained:

Build more positive relationships within your team.
Reduce cynicism, sarcasm, and distrust among coworkers.
Increase your understanding of each other’s differences.
Create a more enjoyable work environment for management, staff, and volunteers.

Utilize the Motivating By Appreciation Inventory results obtained by each team member.
Learn through brief videos and guided exercises how to encourage your colleagues in the languages and actions important to them.
Gain a full understanding of what the 5 languages look like practically in the workplace.
Can be completed in weekly meetings or during a staff retreat.

Four video training sessions (general overview by Dr. Chapman; four introductory videos by Dr. White).
Facilitator’s guidebook with: discussion questions, in-session training activities, and between-session training activities
Participants booklets
PowerPoint versions of the video series
Action Plan Outline
Action Items for Co-workers Template
Tracking Actions Spreadsheet
Compilation of Weekly Instructional Emails to Send to Participants
Book (and MBA Inventory code) for facilitator

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