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3C Training Solutions

Leadership character is about who you are or are becoming as a person. It is focued on developing integrity, humility, personal values, influencing others, excellence, compassion, peacemaking and perseverance.

Pre-determined behaviors & skills providing a consistent standard by which to identify, evaluate and develop individual employees.

Credibility is the foundation of leadership. Its about earning the trust and confidence of those you lead. Credibility requires, self-awareness, appreciating others, affirming shared values, developing followers, servant leadership, hopefulness and authenticity.

Providing training solutions for today’s challenges…

Identifing and developing a leadership pipline

Taking the sting and anxiety out of performance reviews

Motivating staff for stronger loyalty and commitment

Creating a workplace culture of engagement

Reduce workplace stress in a culture of respect and fun

Reward systems to attain the results you want

Motivating staff personal development programs.

Increasing your communication skills, not just to be understood, but to be understanding

Paul Bailey, BA, MA
Over 26 years of leadership experience. Conducting leadership and team training in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana as well as here in Canada.
Primary objective, providing tools to turn individual potential into greater performance and effectiveness.

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